Can I change the name on a Virgin plane ticket?

Virgin Atlantic is a carrier based in Britain. This airline is known to be a great service provider to its passengers. You can easily get to the website and book your tickets to ignore the hassle of going to the airport to book your ticket offline. It is always recommended that you be extra careful when making a booking as many times, you can provide wrong details about the date and destination. However, the airline offers flexible policies, and it is easy for you to make changes if needed. Suppose you booked your flight and put the wrong date in the reservation. Then you can change your date or flight also by going through the virgin atlantic name change policy, which can be completed by following the process given below:

  • Visit the official web page of Virgin Atlantic Airlines by clicking on this link
  • Tap on the 'my booking' option given at the top of the flight finding window. Enter your booking details, like your reference number, name, and surname.
  • Click on the arrow to continue.
  • Your flight details will appear in front of you. Check them carefully and scroll down below a bit.
  • There will be options like 'cancel,' 'change,' and others. Click on 'change' to continue with the name change.
  • Once you open the booking details, you can change dates, destinations, names, and flights. Select the name and rewrite the name you want to enter.
  • Click on confirm to continue.
  • Go further in the process and make payments, if any.
  • You will get confirmation regarding the Virgin Atlantic name correction you have done to your booking.

What is Virgin Atlantic's name change fee?

The Virgin Atlantic name change policy is quite flexible and easy. You can change your name by going to the airport and in the online mode as well. You can visit the website and change it. It is a general question for the customers: if you change the booking, would you have to pay for it or not? Well, it depends on what you want to change in the booking. The fee policy for the airline has different rules of the fee. However, for the information on the Virgin Atlantic name change fee, it is mentioned that the airline amends your ticket free of charge; they would need supporting documents, for example, your marriage certificate, to prove your identity. In case you get married while you are away, it is totally fine to be traveling with your maiden name.

What is the Virgin Atlantic name change policy?

Have you given your name wrong in your booking with Virgin Atlantic, and now you need to change it? Well, it is always suggested that you review the airline's policies before making any changes. Knowing your policies well will help you to keep yourself away from the negative consequences. It is good for your awareness in general. Before getting into the process, read the policy given below carefully.

  • Correction to your title: if your gender title has been mistaken for some other gender, you can change it by adding this OSI to the booking- SI YY NME N2, then write down the current name with your correct name.
  • Correction to the first or middle name: you can change your first and middle names (if any), but your last name remains the same. You will have to insert this OSI to your booking SI YY NME Correction to first/middle name only. You may contact the GDS helpdesk for important entries.
  • Correction to the surname: in the surname change policy, a maximum of three characters are permitted to show the customer's surname as it appears on the passport. You must add the following OSI to your booking SI YY NME, your current surname, and the real surname you want to change.
  • To add something to the surname: you can add to your surname as it shows on the airport; the only condition is the original surname must remain the same. You can add the OSI to your booking SI YY NME N2 and enter your surname with the letters you want to add to the surname.
  • Your first and last names are in the wrong order: you can change the incorrect order of your name and surname. Add this OSI to your booking- SI YY NME N2, then enter your current name- surname order, and the new/correct order you need to mention.

Situations where you will have to contact customer service for name change:

There are some Virgin Atlantic name change circumstances under which you will have to contact customer service for the name change process like:

  • More than three letters that need to be changed in the surname need to be corrected.
  • Some itineraries include the airline.
  • In the event of the death of the traveling customer.
  • If the policy parameters are not met during the name correction.
  • If the name is already in the corrected form and needs further correction.

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