Get All Information about Alaska Airlines Upgrade to Premium Class and Its Cost

How much does it cost to upgrade to premium class on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines is based in Seattle, Portland, anchorage, san Francisco, and Los Angeles on the west coast, although it serves 115 locations across the united states, Mexico, Canada, and even Costa Rica. Knowing how the Alaska airlines upgrade process works is definitely at the top of your priority list if you’re one of their many loyal customers. 

Even if you only travel Alaska airlines on occasion, getting an upgrade on that flight to anchorage to connect with your cruise ship, that commute to the west coast, or that weekend getaway to Mexico could be handy. 

Upgrades on Alaska airlines come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

Alaska Airlines offers a variety of upgrading options. Most are only available to elite passengers, however, there are some enhancements that non-elite travelers can take advantage of. 

First and foremost a clarification, Premium class on Alaska airlines refer to the seats towards the front of the main cabin. Premium class seats offer 4 inches more legroom, as well as early boarding and complimentary alcoholic beverages. 

Those who have earned elite status in the Alaska Airlines mileage plan frequent flyer program are considered elite members. 

Complimentary upgrades:

Upgrade to first-class: In order of elite level, elite members obtain limitlessly complimentary upgrades to first class. 

Upgrades in fare class:
when purchasing qualifying fares, elite members are entitled to quick upgrades to premium class, assuming space is available. 

Upgrades to premium class:
in order of elite level, elite members obtain unlimited complimentary Alaska airlines upgrade to premium class.

Upgrades for companions: certain elite members can enhance one of their traveling companions. 

Upgrades are available for a fee:

First-class: upgrades to first-class are available to all travelers 24 hours prior to departure, dependent on availability. 

Miles upgrades are available:

all travelers can use miles to upgrade to first class while booking a ticket or an existing reservation (based on availability)

How to upgrade to first class on Alaska Airlines?

Upgrades are available for a fee. 

Within 24 hours of the flight departure, you can purchase an upgrade on your existing Alaska or sky west ticket (working on behalf of Alaska) through online check-in.

On the day of departure, you may be able to purchase an upgrade at a kiosk, airport ticket desk, or departure gate. Upgrades are, of course, dependent on availability and are more likely to be available on less-traveled routes.




0-450 Miles


451-700 miles


701-1400 miles


1401- 2100 miles


2101 miles and longer



With Alaska Airlines, you can improve your chances of receiving an upgrade

When it comes to securing an upgrade, Alaska Airlines’ policies are unambiguous, so there isn’t much wriggle space. Knowing the regulations, on the other hand, can offer you an advantage. 

With the status of elite

Obtaining top mileage plan elite status is the most common strategy to receive complimentary Alaska airlines upgrades. 

Upgrade capacity is available on a limited number of flights, When purchasing flights, look for flights with first-class availability under “upgrade pricing type’ to enhance your chances of getting a free upgrade. 

For premium-priced tickets, use Alaska mileage plan miles. Mileage Plan miles can be redeemed for premium cabin flights on Alaska carriers and their partner airlines. 

Without the status of the elite. 

  • Upgrades are available for purchase 24 hours a day. Upgrades to first class may be available for as low as $29 at check-in, airport kiosk, or the departure gate. 
  • When purchasing your ticket, consider upgrading with miles.
  • Miles can be used to upgrade an existing reservation.

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