How do I change my Icelandair flight?

Are you looking to change your scheduled departure date from the Icelandair flight? Fortunately, Icelandair allows passengers to change their tickets after Booking by paying more for their existing access. The passengers might not know their prices, policies, and procedures for the flight change. If you are one of them, then this article can be helpful for you as it discusses various important aspects of flight change. 

How much are Icelandair change fees

Icelandair charges a fee to passengers who wish to change their travel date to protect the interests of the airline. The Icelandair ticket change fee is approximately $200 and must be paid before the scheduled departure time. Passengers are advised to request the change in advance. Along with the change fee, passengers must pay extra to meet the fare difference of the two flights. The charges and fare difference may change depending on various circumstances. 

What is Icelandair's policy on flight change?

The passengers must follow the airline's policies while requesting a change in their flight date. If a passenger violates the rules and regulations of Icelandair and goes against them while applying for the change, the airline may not entertain their request. Inform yourself better about their terms and conditions for flight changes. To know the Icelandair change flight policy, read the points below:

  • Date change depends on several factors, such as the availability of seats on the given day any member cancels the flight. Icelandair holds the final power and can deny your request for a date change. 
  • The passengers will have to meet the fare difference of the two flights. 
  • If there is a case of emergency like health issues or the death of a family member due to which you had to shift your traveling plan to another date in the future. The airline will not charge you anything to change the date, but you must present the required documents to the airline.
  • Sometimes, airlines may change the date of the journey without prior notification to the passengers due to bad weather conditions, considering the safety of their passengers.
  • The passengers who booked through a travel agent must reach the agent for any query related to date changes. 

What is the procedure to change the flight date at Icelandair?

If you have reached here in the article, you are well informed of the policies and charges to be paid to the airline for requesting a date change. Thus, you might be intrigued by asking for a difference in the existing ticket. To apply for an Icelandair change flight date, here is what you need to do:

  • Head to the official website of Icelandair. 
  • Locate the “Manage my Booking” option and put the passenger’s last name and PNR number.
  • Enter Retrieve Booking to get the details of your Booking. 
  • Once you get your Booking details, reach the menu and tap on the “Date Change” option. 
  • On the next page, get a form. Complete the form by mentioning the required details in the suggested box.
  • Briefly explain your reason for the date change in the comment box and attach the related documents if you have any. 
  • Submit the form and wait; the airline will change your existing ticket and share the details through your registered email ID. 

What are the other ways to request a flight change?

The passengers can request an Icelandair change flight through the official page of the airline by following the process above. However, there can be some passengers who face difficulty in understanding the online procedure and thus look for other options. Fortunately, the airline provides different methods to apply for a date change, discussed here:

Phone call - The passengers can call the Icelandair agent and demand a flight change. Here is how you can do that by phone:

  • Dial 1 (800) 223-5500 and connect your call to their ticket sales officer.
  • Discuss your concern with their agent and ask them to change the flight date.
  • Provide the required details to the agent and get a payment link on your registered number.
  • Click on the link and make the payments.
  • Once you make the final payment, the agent will apply for the change on your behalf and send you the new booking details to your registered email. 

At the Airport - The passengers can request a flight change. They can visit Icelandair's ticket counter at the airport and get their representative. They will help you to reschedule your journey. 

Final Words

If you have made your booking with Icelandair and want to change the date of your journey later, then you can read this article discussing the policy, T&C, and fee, which can be helpful for you if you are requesting a date change with Icelandair. 

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