What is the flight change policy of Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines provides an extremely flexible flight change policy designed to make your experience even more seamless. Do you find it hard to check-in for your flight due to any genuine reasons? Well, do not cancel it, as you can always reschedule your Spirit flight.

This article provides knowledge regarding the Spirit Airlines change flight formalities and some guidelines. So, let’s learn about the flight change policy of Spirit Airlines so that you can make an informative decision with your itinerary.

The Flight Change Fees of Spirit Airlines

The fees you pay against the flight change depend majorly on the change period. Check out the following points to get the applicable fees:

  • Spirit Airlines allows you to change your flight ticket for free if you do it within a day of its booking, given that the reservation is made at least seven days before the scheduled departure.
  • If you bought a flex ticket, then you do not have to pay any charges even if you change the flight after the grace period of 24 hours.
  • On the other hand, if you wish to make changes in your Award or normal tickets, you must pay the flight change fees up to $110 and $90, respectively, to make changes after 24 hours of booking.

Now that you know the gist behind paying Spirit Airlines change flight fee, there are ways through which you can skip paying any. Check out the next section to understand the flight change terms and conditions enforced by the airline.

The Flight Change Policy of Spirit Airlines

The airline regularly tailors its flight change policies to satisfy the requirements of as many travelers as possible. Some of the customer-friendly policies are mentioned below:

  • If you wish to skip paying any unwanted change charges, you must complete the said formalities within 24 hours of the booking.
  • You are allowed to make free changes if you face any unavoidable scenario and succeed in presenting the relatable documents; in that case, you need to pay only the fare difference, if any.

Also, as per the Spirit Airlines change flight policy, a traveler must not pay any charges if Spirit itself changes the original departure and arrival time.

However, you should not worry if you missed the grace period of flight change as Spirit Airlines allows same-day change as well!

The Same Day Flight Change Conditions of Spirit

Give a brief reading to the below-discussed points if you look forward to the same day flight change:

  • As per the same-day flight change service of Spirit Airlines, a traveler can make necessary changes in their flight on the original date of its departure, but the changes must be done an hour before the departure.
  • If you wish to make same-day changes, you must choose the same route as the original reservation.
  • You are not allowed the same-day flight change if you have checked in for your flight.

Use this article and get acquainted with Spirit Airlines same day flight change and 24 hours grace period of flight change. Do you need further assistance with the flight change? Approach the airline’s official travel consolidators who work around the clock so that you do not face any trouble!

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