Can you change name on Pegasus?

Sometimes, when a Pegasus Airline traveler has recently made their reservation with the Pegasus Airline flight, the traveler gets married, or their name gets incorrect, for which they need to do Pegasus Airlines change name on ticket online or offline. In this situation, the person thinks about the consequences of the name change and what he should know about the name change on the Pegasus Airlines ticket. With this information, people who booked Pegasus Airline tickets can easily modify their names on the reservation without facing any issues and problems.

What are the terms and conditions to change the name on the Pegasus Airline ticket?

There are so many points that passengers must consider while changing their name on the ticket. Pegasus Airlines has provided very flexible guidelines for their Pegasus airlines name correction policy, which you can learn by reading the information below:

  • As per the Pegasus Airline policy, passengers can only change their ticket once during the allotted period.
  • Pegasus Airlines will not accept the same-day name change or flight changes.
  • This airline policy states that passengers are not eligible to make changes within 24 hours before flight departures.
  • As per the airline rules, travelers who get married or divorced legally are eligible to change their name by presenting legal documents.
  • Passengers can change three characters in the whole name, including first, middle, and last names.
  • Travelers are not eligible to make any amendments to their reservation if their booking has been made via unofficial or unauthorized portals.
  • Travelers who have scheduled departures with valid tickets can change the reservation.
  • If a traveler modifies his name during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pegasus Airline flight will not charge any fees.
  • A passenger must pay the full reservation value on Pegasus Airline if he corrects his name after the allotted time.
  • According to the Pegasus Airlines rules, the passengers are not allowed to change or transfer the ownership of the reservation tickets.
  • When a person modifies his ticket at least one day before departure, and a requested flight option is available, the passengers can change their reservation.

How much does it charge to change the name of the Pegasus Airlines ticket?

People changing their name on their Pegasus Airline ticket must also pay fare differences and other applicable fees. Passengers are only allowed to make changes to their reservation only when they are available. When a person changes their name one day before flight departure, the passenger will pay a fee depending on the booking mode, travel route, and the type of changes.

  • Pegasus Airline travelers will be charged from USD 100 to USD 200 for modifying their name on the ticket.
  • Sometimes, the airline also charges a service fee for making changes to the ticket at the airport.

How can a person change his name on the Pegasus Airlines reservation ticket?

People who mistakenly entered the wrong name on the ticket with Pegasus Airline are wondering how to modify my name. So, whoever is trying to change his name for the first time can read the below online instructions for Pegasus Airlines name change, which you need to follow on the airline website:

  • Navigate to the official website of Pegasus Airline.
  • Then, you need to go to the “my trips” page and enter your reservation itinerary, like your confirmation code and surname, given on your ticket.
  • After that, you have to retrieve your booking details.
  • Redirect to another airline screen to see your reservation ticket details.
  • Then, go to your personal information and click the “edit your name” section.
  • Now, type your correct name in the given field and confirm your name to save the new changes.
  • Afterward, you can proceed to the next step and pay the applicable fee on the airline website, including the penalty fee and your fare difference.
  • Then, complete the name change process on the Pegasus Airlines ticket, and you will receive the new update confirmation in your email from the airline.

What is another method to modify the name on the Pegasus Airlines ticket?

Suppose a person uses the Pegasus Airline website to modify their name but cannot since they started facing technical issues. In this scenario, people can contact Pegasus customer service on a phone call or can directly visit the ticket counter at the airport to make changes in their name on their reservation ticket.

  • People can call this phone number - 011 90 850 250 6777 to communicate with the customer service department of Pegasus Airline, and then they need to tell the agent to change their name on the booked ticket.
  • Then, the traveler needs to follow the phone call instructions to make changes, and once the name gets changed, they will receive the confirmation.
  • When a person visits the airline counter at the airport, they should also inform the agent to modify their name and present their legal consideration documents.
  • After that, they will also need to pay the service charge at the airport to complete the procedure.


Passengers can go through the above document information to easily make changes in their name, and still, if they face any problems, they can reach out to the airline customer service at the given number.

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