Does Scoot allow name changes?

Suppose you have planned a vacation with the family and registered everything while booking your flight ticket. The most crucial part is the personal details associated with the ticket, which will help verify your ID and ticket. You have added your name to the ticket, but afterward, you have entered a name that is mistakenly spelled or some little error in it. In that scenario, you can take the help of the Scoot authority, which will help you change the name on your flight ticket.

Authorities allow passengers to change their names sometimes and for a certain period. For that, you need to follow the Scoot name change policy. The policy has been written more flexibly so that you can make changes anytime without any hassle. Policies are issued under the supervision of the senior authorities so that a trustworthy relationship can be built between clients and authorities.

  • According to the Scoot flight change policy, you cannot change the origin/destination, flight date, and time but the name change is permitted up to 4 hours before departure, but you need to pay the charge along with the difference in fare.
  • Name changes for any passengers must apply to all the flights booked by that particular passenger.
  • If your booking flight is operated by Partner Airlines, then flight date, time, or name changes and upgrade to Scoot Plus are not permitted for all the flights in the booking.
  • If a passenger wants to change the name to a certain letter limit from 2 to 3 words, then you can correct it free of cost, but on the other side, if you want to change the whole name, you need to pay for that modification.
  • You must carry your updated IDs to modify your personal details if it is a legal name change in case of divorce or a middle name change. For legal changes, you do not have to pay the fees.

The cost of the name change fee depends on the route and class. If you want help with a Scoot change name on the ticket, contact the customer service executive staff at +62 21 2922 3021, who will inform you of the correct way to apply modification in your booking.

How to change your name on a Scoot flight?

The best way to apply for the name change is through online mode. After that, you can make modifications while sitting at your place. You can go through the below-written procedure that includes simple written steps for better understanding, and you can easily redirect to the manage my reservation page, where you can complete the process.

  • It would be best if you visited the official portal of Scoot.
  • After that, log in through your account, and the panel will open.
  • Take your cursor to the manage my reservation tab in the panel and click on it.
  • Then, enter your booking reference number and surname and click the continue button. After that, the page will display the list of flights on the screen; from the list, choose your booked flight and click on the "flight ticket change/correction" option from the menu.
  • The page will ask you to change the name in the "booking section" and provide all the relevant documents while requesting the name change.
  • At last, follow the on-screen instruction and complete the process.
  • Finally, the Scoot will drop a confirmation code message at your registered email id.

While submitting the document, put all the relevant dates so that after receiving your request, the authority can verify it and process it immediately. Then only you can get an update in your name section. The web option is useful and feasible for connecting with Scoot change passenger name. If you cannot change your name online, the authority has issued dedicated counters at the airport. For that, you need to go through more of the below-mentioned information.

How do I change my name on Scoot Airlines at the airport?

You can contact the airline's office and connect with a live person to help you change your name. The person will let you know whether any update or changes in your ticket's name section is available. You need to carry original documents while meeting authority so that you can show them all the valid documents and your work will be easier.

After getting your document, the authority will verify your documents and evaluate all the information. Following that, the request will be submitted, and your name will change in the ticket.

How much does Scoot charge for a name change?

In case of a web name change, the price will be less, and at the airport, it may cost you more because fees include service charges. For online Scoot, the name change fee is around 40.28$, and passengers who visit the airport will be charged $60 plus a service charge depending on the service type you are asking for.

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