How much do I need to pay to change an Ethiopian Airlines flight ticket?

Ethiopian airlines are lenient with its change and cancellation policies. If you are someone who needs help with Ethiopian flight change, you have come to the exact right place. Let us consider different aspects of Ethiopian airlines as far as flight changes are concerned.

How can I change my Ethiopian airline's flight?

Changes to your Ethiopian flights are available online and offline. You can connect with the support team at Ethiopian airlines to get help and assistance with flight changes and cancellations. Moreover, people can also stick to the official Ethiopian airline website to proceed with the Ethiopian airline change flight process.

  • People need to visit the official Ethiopian airline's website through their web browser and visit to start the flight change process for their flight booking.
  • Select the My Trips option on the page in order to locate the manage my booking option.
  • Next, passengers need to provide details such as their reservation details along with their last name. Submit the details to access your flight booking to proceed with the desired changes to your flights.
  • Find your booking and select the change flight option on this page.
  • Select the changes you wish to make to your booking through a drop-down list.
  • Complete the payment if applicable and you will get notified in your email about the changes made by you to your booking.

What is the Ethiopian airline's flight change policy?

The prime points related to Ethiopian airline's change flight policy are as under. Passengers can stick to these terms for a better flight change experience.

  • Passengers can proceed with date changes for their flights online and this is available as a one-time change for Ethiopian airlines for free.
  • People should make online flight changes 24 hours before the actual departure date of the flight at Ethiopian airlines. A flight date change fee is applicable if people are unable to make the required changes within the prescribed time limit.
  • All the second time changes are charged by the airline and the change fee depends on the flight route selected by the passenger. For instance, people need to pay USD 200 for making changes to a North American route.

How much does Ethiopian Airlines charge to change a flight?

People can change their flights for free at Ethiopian airlines however; they need to make the desired changes to their flights within 24 hours from the initial booking. Moreover, if you cannot change within 24 hours, the airline collects an Ethiopian airlines change flight fee. Also, a no-show fee is applicable to passengers by the airline if travelers are unable to take their flight without prior changes or cancellations.

On average, the change fee is somewhere around USD 10 per passenger, per ticket after the passage of the free allowance period given by the airline to passengers. You can contact the customer support department to get ample insights into Ethiopian flight changes. This is the Ethiopian airline's change flight penalty. The flight cancellation charge for Ethiopian airlines is USD 30. This is the generic cancellations and change fee. It may fluctuate depending on the case.

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