How much do I need to pay to change a LOT flight?

LOT Polish Airlines is one of Poland's most flexible policy provider airlines. The article allows you to make necessary changes for free if you do it within a day of initial booking. However, you might have to pay flight change charges up to $90 to bring any changes after the free change grace period.

This article can be beneficial to know more about the LOT flight change policy. Along with the efficient flight change policies, you can also find some effective steps to do so; read thoroughly!

The General Flight Change Conditions of LOT

Below is a list of general flight change terms and conditions as mentioned by LOT Airlines to accommodate your requirements:

  • You can make necessary flight changes online or use the airline's customer service only if you have purchased your ticket originally from there.
  • If you have purchased your LOT ticket from a travel agent, contact them to bring the necessary changes to your flight.
  • If you have bought the ticket before 168 hours of departure, you can only make changes within 24 hours of its booking.
  • If you have a group ticket and need to make changes, consider contacting the airline's group supervisor for the further procession.
  • You can even perform the LOT change flight date formalities on your own by visiting the airline's official website; you must pay the applicable date change fees to proceed with the changes.
  • Also, you are entitled to a free flight change if your original itinerary gets disrupted due to the airline's fault.
  • And, if your flight gets interrupted due to the COVID-19 prohibitions, you are eligible for a free reschedule.

Now that you know the LOT flight change policies, you should complete the formalities without further ado. The next section deals with comprehensible steps of flight change; check out!

Easy Method of Flight Reschedule At LOT

You can make a LOT flight change on your own by going online. Follow the given steps to reschedule your flight at LOT:

  • Open the official website of LOT Airlines using your search engine.
  • Go for the Manage Booking section and enter the Booking Reference Number followed by the Surname.
  • Retrieve your booking and go for the flight change section on the page.
  • Make necessary changes, choose a flight, and proceed to the payment section.
  • If there are any applicable charges, pay them and wait for the transaction to complete.

Once you follow the given steps constructively, you can get yourself a reschedule in real-time. Now you know about skipping paying the LOT flight change fee, so what is holding you back? Use the mentioned steps, keep the discussed policy, and bring changes to your LOT flight!

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