How much does it cost to change a flight with Air NZ?

When the passenger can change their flight, it costs them a USD 100$ fee. However, these fee charges may apply per child and adult passenger. In addition, according to the Air New Zealand change flight policy, the charge of every person on an Air NZ flight is $100. But, it can’t charge for infants that can travel or change free of cost. However, if the relevant or primary fare is not applicable or accessible, you must pay an extra far to change flights. In changing the flight, reserved tickets are never applicable when transferring them to another person. Further, you will see how you can change your flight with simple steps. 

How do you change your Air New Zealand Flight?

Changing flights with Air New Zealand is now easy and simple. How? Then, there are the simple steps to follow while changing the flights is:

  • Search the official site of Air New Zealand.
  • You may find the tab “book” in the menu section when it opens. Open it.
  • There, you must select the “manage bookings” option. Click on it. 
  • Then, you will see the page “manage, change and cancel flight bookings.” Scroll down.
  • Enter the crucial details in the “booking reference” and “family name” boxes. Continue it.
  • Scroll down and make changes like the date and time of your flight, destination, or flight cancellation.
  • Further, scroll down to the Air New Zealand change flight in services, select the seat, inform about your disability, request a special meal, add a sky couch and select the date. After that, fill in the credential details of “family name or booking reference.”
  • Moreover, after that procedure, passengers get the confirmation notification by Air New Zealand on your registered mail and phone number.

However, you can also change your flight bookings by visiting the office of Air New Zealand, which is nearby you. In addition, if you have booked your tickets with a travel agent, you must go to them or contact them and make changes to the booking with their help. After that, the confirmation of change flight mail will send to your registered official phone no. and mail address.

Know about Air New Zealand change flight fee policy

If you want to change your New Zealand flight, you can follow their policies.

For Domestic Flights-

If passengers can make changes on the same day, pay an extra charge for flex time and date. There is no charge for changing days. However, if a person can change flight before one day of traveling, they have to pay for it extra.


For International Flights-

Any change in a day, time, and availability required payment notification delivered to the passenger. However, you can only change flights before checking on board with additional fares.

Hence, until you have not cleared your queries, visit the Air New Zealand change flight page.


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